what if your dream had a team?

a community to help support streamers

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Every streamer could use a little help making their dream come true, no matter the dream.

Our goal in setting up Team Stream Dream was to make a community of streamers who could help each other make the best stream they can. Each person in the community has their own dream that we all share a little bit of together. Our community is built to help you reach your dream, while helping others do the same.

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Outside of providing a community full of welcoming people who are always chatting through out the day and happy to help we also provide a lot of other avenues of help while also building a sense of community!

Stream Raids
Retweets/Social Support
Community Events
Streaming Tips
Technical Help & Advice
Art & Graphics Help


Our admins and mods work to keep the community running smoothly and are there to help out!

Check out our <a href=”http://teamstreamdream.com/team/”>Team Listing</a> for other members!


Founder & Admin

I’m Skedoozy, or Doozy, even in my professional life. The name has a way of taking over that way. I am the OG Angry Gamer but not really that angry. I game with my son Doozy Jr and live with Mrs. Doozy in Arizona with my dogs Fred(girl) and Jayne(boy). Even I get confused still. 😉
I helped to start TSD as a way to have a community of streamers looking out for each other and grow together. Every streamer feels like they’re on their own when they’re Live to the world, but it feels good knowing we have a group of people supporting each other while the stream is on or off the air.



My name is Killer_Kandy88 on social media and Twitch, but everyone just calls me Kandy:wink:. I’m from New Brunswick, Canada and live with my husband and two kids (The Kraken as I lovingly refer to them). I loved gaming as a child and continued to be an avid gamer right into adulthood. Joining TSD and getting to know the people here has been one of the best experiences for me. I love helping fellow teammates whether that’s been cheering them on with their streaming goals or helping out in anyway I can. The unique family atmosphere here is unlike any other community I’ve ever been a part of and I’m proud to be a member and Admin here.



My name is Crim, I live in AZ and have for the last 15 years. I am very passionate about people & helping them build skills to be become all that they can be. Gaming has always been a way for me to cope with life and relieve stress.
TSD has become my home, my family, and they mean everything to me. I know that if i need something no matter whether it comes to gaming, streaming, tech stuff, or even someone to talk to they will always be there. I never thought that a community like this existed and that they would hold such a special place in my heart.

Optix (N3rdH3rdChannel)


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People usually call me Dahlia, I am a lover of all things horror & it fills both my stream & real life. I live in IL with my husband, 2 kids, a roommate, 2 cats and a Shiba Inu. So its busy here, but my community helps me stay balanced.
I wanted to help create TSD because connecting with other streamers, to me, is an incredible part of being a streamer. Having a genuine community of people you can talk with, learn from, and grow alongside of helps you stay motivated & helps you grow as a streamer and as a person.



My name is Noe, but am referred to as the Husky_King in the social media world. I am 27 years old (28 in March 2018), married to my wonderful wife Stefani, and we have two furry babies, Bloo and Bruce, and yes, they are Huskies. I enjoy anything and everything that has to do with gaming.
I helped start TSD because I wanted fellow content creators to feel like they belong to a community, a family. I have joined other communities and most just feel like an advertising board, when it comes to TSD I feel like I am not alone and have real support.


Applications to join our family of streamers is currently open again!

If we just accepted everyone who wanted to join Team Stream Dream it would just end up like most streamer communities. Filled with people who aren’t active, who are only there to try and get new viewers, and not interested in helping out. It just wouldn’t feel like a community at all. The application process is pretty straight forward. The Admins and Moderators will review your application and we take a vote. Majority vote rules. We look at your videos to make sure you’re not a hate spewing streamer, and we take your answers to our questions to heart before we all make a vote. The process can take a few days but we generally get to them pretty quickly. Fill out the application below and we hope to see you soon!