Optix (N3rdH3rdChannel)

Optix (N3rdH3rdChannel)
Our channel is meant to be a laid back, drama free place where we can all hang out, have some fun, and play some games.

We strive to be inclusive, thoughtful, respectful, and kind, and we welcome everybody from all walks of life, so long as they strive to do the same.

Our main focus is on free to play and low cost multiplayer games, party games, and games with Twitch chat integration so that we can play with as many of you as possible without the need to throw down your hard earned money. This is because we believe that gaming should be available to all without any restrictions.

One thing that we will never lose sight of is the fact that this channel is about you, The H3rd! You will shape the direction of this channel in almost every way, so join in as we work together to make this channel the best that it can be, all while having a blast in the process!

The PC is our main platform, so fire up your games and jump in with us! We love to play live on the stream with as many N3rds as possible!